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Could nuclear energy power the world?

Dr Robert Hayes

Today, nuclear energy provides close to 10% of the world's electricity and has the potential to shift reliance on fossil fuels. But is nuclear really clean energy? Are the potential risks worth the benefit to the world?

Thu, 7 Jul 2022 5:00 pm UTC

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How is technology changing art?

Dr. James Fox

Artists have always been early adopters of new technologies, but in recent years new technologies have appeared more quickly than ever before. Should we be excited about these dramatic changes, or worried? Are they a flash in the pan, or here to stay?

Is social media today's central battlefield?

Dr. Jennifer Cassidy

International diplomacy in the age of social media is no longer conducted by letter or considered phone call but Live Tweeted in real time & in public. From Trump vs North Korea to the Ukraine War, how are foreign relations conducted in the Digital Age?

Could the metaverse perfect our imperfect world?

Prof. Andy Miah

When people talk about the metaverse, they mean a future where there's a seamless connection between physical reality and the virtual world. But will that future be better than the world of today?

How has modern science transformed colour?

Dr. James Fox

The last 150 years has brought about the greatest revolution there's ever been in colour. How have we ended up living in a hyper-coloured world?

Are our hormones being hijacked by technology?

Dr. Anna Lembke, MD

Dopamine is our feel-good hormone: the one that encourages us to seek out pleasure. But the relentless pursuit of pleasure can lead to pain too. How can we find contentment in an age of instant gratification and overindulgence?

Is it ethical to use biometrics to catch criminals?

Dr. Richard Guest

Fingerprints are getting rarer - everyone's seen the TV shows. What new tools can we bring in to confirm a criminal's identity, and is it ethical to use them?