Unlocking the Mind Mystery

with Dr. Heather Berlin

What is consciousness?

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We've conquered the Earth's highest peaks and probed the deepest depths of its ocean trenches. We've sent tourists into space and created experiments the size of cities to explore subatomic particles and dark matter. But we're still at a loss to explain many of the processes that take place inside our own heads.

Dr Heather Berlin has dedicated her career to investigating some of the most complex questions that the study of the mind has to offer, and in this Garden Talk we'll be digging into one of the most fundamental, and most controversial: what is consciousness?

It's a question that has foxed the world's pre-eminent scientists and philosophers for millennia, but with the arrival of new technologies that let us understand brain activity in far greater detail than ever before, researchers are finally getting close to an answer.

How does the brain create the mind? With Heather as your guide, it's time to explore.

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45 minutes

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This talk will be available to watch on demand soon

Dr. Heather Berlin

Heather Berlin is a neuroscientist, clinical psychologist, and Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Neuroscience at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in NY. She explores the neural basis of psychiatric and neurological disorders.

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