Rethinking Series

Rethinking Maths: Which mathematical challenges will shape the 21st Century?

with Prof. Yang-Hui He

The most transformative scientific breakthroughs depend on maths. Which problems are mathematicians working on that will drive scientific change in the coming decades?

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Maths isn’t just about numbers and equations written on a dusty chalkboard - it’s everywhere in the world around us.  Mathematics is the language of science, and the most transformative scientific breakthroughs depend on it.  Over the past 200 years many critical mathematical problems have been solved but there is still so much more to know. It’s an exciting time to be at the frontier of scientific discovery.  

In this Garden Talk, Professor Yang-Hui He will talk through the 23 most important mathematical challenges that have been identified for the 21st Century and show how anyone can engage with the mathematical ideas that shape our world.

Originally hosted live at The Garden on 10/21/2021

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50 minutes

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Prof. Yang-Hui He

Yang-Hui He is Fellow at the London Institute for Mathematical Sciences, and holds a Professorship of mathematics at City, University of London, the Chang-Jiang Chair Professorship at NanKai University, China and is a lecturer at Merton College, Oxford.

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