How do we handle mentally ill offenders?

Dr Sohom Das

It's not always clear what drives a criminal to act the way they do. How does the justice system deal with offenders whose behaviour is rooted in mental illness?

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Most times, criminals act the way they do because of some intrinsic motivation that guides their behaviours. It is not always clear why they do it. Certain cases require years of investigations and hours of in-person interviews with the offenders to understand what drove them to do what they did.

Forensic psychiatry stands at the intersection of law, science and mental health. Join Dr. Sohom Das in this revealing talk around the inner workings of how the justice system deals with mentally ill offenders and its taboos.

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Dr Sohom Das

Dr Sohom Das is a consultant forensic psychiatrist based in London. He is also the host of a YouTube channel called A Psych for Sore Minds, which covers topics related to true crime, mental illness and the crossover between the two.

Forensics: Evidence, Ethics & Evaluation Collection

This collection looks at crime, from how to solve a criminal investigation with evidence to how we treat offenders with mental health problems, and gives us intriguing insights into the myths and reality of forensic science.