Is social media today's central battlefield?

Dr. Jennifer Cassidy

International diplomacy in the age of social media is no longer conducted by letter or considered phone call but Live Tweeted in real time & in public. From Trump vs North Korea to the Ukraine War, how are foreign relations conducted in the Digital Age?

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Since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, social networks have been flooded with videos and tweets about the status of the conflict & the humanitarian crisis as it unfolds. Mobile phones in hand, soldiers and civilians are documenting the war as it happens, in real time, broadcast out to the world. Social media has become the medium of battle and international diplomacy. An information war is being fought alongside a ground war.

Dr. Jennifer Cassidy is working at the cutting edge of the new discipline of digital diplomacy as a Lecturer in International Relations at Oxford University. A former diplomat, her PhD Thesis focused on how social media and cyber communications were being used during the Crimea War and throughout the Trump Presidency. Today she is one of the foremost experts on how foreign relations are conducted in the digital age. In this Garden Talk she will explain the changes in how diplomatic agents use social media platforms during times of political crises.

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Ukraine War

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Dr. Jennifer Cassidy

Dr. Jennifer Cassidy is a leading expert in the cutting edge field of Digital Diplomacy & a Lecturer at Oxford University.

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