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Is there life on Venus?
Prof. Sara SeagerProf. Sara SeagerHD, subtitles, Q&ATranscript43m
Professor Sara Seager is a pioneer in vast world of exoplanets & the search for other life in the universe. In this Garden Talk, Sara will consider space science's biggest question: Are we alone in the universe?

The search for another Earth is considered the Holy Grail of planetary science. In the vastness of the Universe, the belief is that life must exist somewhere other than Earth. What that life looks like and the conditions it needs to thrive may be quite different from those in our world but studying the building blocks of life and the conditions of exoplanets could help us to discover new life - and the potential for human life to exist on other plants.

Venus has long been considered Earth's sister planet because of it is a similar size, mass and material composition. But Venus is much hotter and its surface is too hostile for life to exist. For many years it was largely ignored by planetary scientists who looked to Mars or gazed deeper out into space.

Sara Seager, a pioneer in the study of exoplanets, and a leading expert in the search for life, believes we are missing a trick by not looking closer to home. Her current research focuses on whether life could exist in Venus' cloud deck, where temperatures are just right for life. With private space missions set to explore Venus in the next few years - the first in over 20 years - Sara believes the "golden age of Venus exploration lies ahead".

Could Venus harbour life? And if so, what does that tell us about the potential for life in other parts of the universe?

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HD, subtitles, Q&ATranscript

The Bright Night Sky

For centuries, we have been looking up to the sky to understand the mysteries that surround us. The sky might hold the answers to some of our deepest questions such as where we came from. But what do we know so far?

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Why is Venus hotter than mercury ?
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Not a question, but a comment. I spent my first 20+ years living on a mountain-top farm with full view of a black sky and glorious views of the milky way. This girl thought "how beautiful" but didn't make the connection between maths and science - so she looks at the board behind you and thinks "how scary!" Now the question: are women particularly creative in their scientific splurges and is it this ability that scares the scientific community?
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Thank you! That was really interesting and I will be following Venus news closely.Bron
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