How can we unlock our brain's creative potential?

Prof. Anna Abraham

How can I be more creative? This is the question Professor Anna Abraham is most often asked and in this fireside conversation, she will be sharing the answer to this question, grounded in her research on creativity and the brain.

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Anna Abraham has been smitten with understanding creativity and the human imagination for the past 20 years. She studies creativity from a neuroscientific perspectives (brain structure & function) as well as psychological perspectives (cognition, perception, action, motivation, emotion). Increasingly Anna researches how we can apply our understanding of the value of creativity and what drives creativity in the brain, to consider what we can do to unlock creativity in our schools, workplaces and our own lives.

  • Why are humans creative?

  • Where does creative thought happen in the brain?

  • Why is openness to experience so important for creative thoughts?

  • Can arts programmes contribute to increasing your creativity?

  • Do you need to keep up with a hobby to get the creative benefits?

In this Fireside Conversation, Anna sharing her insights into how creativity is a practice, and how we can unlock our brain's creative potential and engender creativity in our every day.

Talk outline


50 minutes

What to expect

30 minute talk

20 minute Member Q&A

Prof. Anna Abraham

Neuroscientist and psychologist, Anna Abraham, is a world expert on creativity, imagination and the brain.

Creativity Unlocked Collection

Human ingenuity and inventiveness has continually moved our world forward. From beautiful art works to works of literature, space shuttles to scientific leaps forward, at the heart of progress and change is a spark of creativity.

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