How are truths made?

Prof. Lisa Dickson

What you believe about the world depends on the lens you view it through. What does Shakespeare's Henry V have to tell us about different perspectives and where the real truth lies?

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What can Shakespeare’s Henry V reveal about the world we live in today?

In today's world, we often find ourselves in echo chambers, hearing only one version of events from people who share our views and perspectives. To break down these echo chambers, we must first understand how they work and the ways in which they restrict us. 

In this Garden talk, Dr Lisa Dickson explores what lessons can be learned from Shakespeare. Reflecting on Henry V, the session will examine how the text presents multiple versions of what it means to be an English soldier, in doing so exposing how our understanding of ‘truth’ is determined by the information we receive and the biases we hold.

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50 minutes

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Prof. Lisa Dickson

Dr Lisa Dickson is a professor of in the Department of English at the University of Northern British Columbia where she specializes in Renaissance Literature and Pedagogy. She explores the concepts of critical hope and empathy.

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