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Registering for a talk

How do I register for a live talk?

You can browse all of our upcoming Garden Talks here. You'll need to create an account to register for a talk.

How & when are talks hosted?

Live talks take place at various times and days of the weeks to give our members plenty of chances to join. You can enjoy on demand talks whenever you'd like.

All of our talks are hosted virtually and streamed live on our custom platform. We do not rely on third parties such as zoom so that we can ensure the experience is smooth and uniquely The Garden.

How can I watch past talks?

Our talks are originally hosted live but we make them available to watch on demand afterwards.

When you sign up to The Garden you'll get access to our library of past talks for you to enjoy in your own time. Make sure you're signed in and then take a look at our past talks page.

How much does it cost to attend a talk?

At the moment Garden membership is free. Once you're signed up you can choose to watch as many talks as you like.

Attending a live talk

What happens during a talk?

All of our talks are hosted by a Fellow and a Garden Guide. The talk will typically be a live stream of around 30 minutes, followed by a live Q&A. You'll have the chance to ask questions and upvote others via our widget. Your camera and mic are disabled, this isn't Zoom call!

Can I ask questions?

Yes, we encourage it. Our Fellows love hearing members interpretations and take on their subjects so we encourage questions. You can also upvote the questions posted from other members that you'd like to hear answered.

Can others see or hear me?

No, you can only see the fellow and the guide. You won't be able to hear or see other audience members.

Do I have to participate during a talk?

You can be as active as you like. Members have the chance to ask questions but there's no pressure to do so, and your camera and mic aren't on during a talk.

How do I get involved in discussions and interact with fellows?

You'll be able to ask questions during live talks via our widget. However, we won't stop there - we are evolving the experience of The Garden further so that you can enjoy the feeling of a live audience from the comfort of your home.

What if I have a technical issue?

Our engineers are a pretty smart bunch, so we really hope this doesn't happen. That being said, nothing can ever be certain so if you experience issues during a talk, try refreshing your browser, check your internet connection is stable and perhaps try another device. If things still aren't working then contact us on and we'll try to solve the problem.

You'll be able to access the talk recording later too, so you won't miss out.

Your membership

How much does membership cost?

We're currently in our beta phase, so the product is free while we iron out our post launch wrinkles.

When we go fully live, the Garden will be a monthly subscription which will give you unlimited access to all our live and on demand talks.

How do I create an account?

Signing up is easy, it'll take barely a minute. You can sign up here.

How do I change my password?

Happens to the best of us! If you click log in, you'll see the 'forgotten password' option. You can use this to reset or change your password

Can I delete my account?

Get in touch with us at and we'll be able to help.

How can I give feedback?

We'd love to hear your thoughts, ideas and feedback on The Garden. It helps us improve, evolve and learn so please get in touch at and a member of our team will be ready to listen.

For Fellows

How can I become a Fellow?

We're so glad to hear you might be interested in talking at The Garden! Please contact our Programmes Team who will be able to tell you more about what it's like to be a Garden Fellow. You can get in touch at

Do I need certain qualifications?

Typically Garden Fellows have academic backgrounds but we don't have hard and fast rules. We're looking for passionate experts who want to share their knowledge and expertise with our community. If you're interested to talk for The Garden, you can get in touch and we'll tell you more and see if you might be a good fit.