Community Guidelines

The Garden is a community for the curious, a place where inquisitive minds from across the world can come together to learn from world experts and join in conversation about topics that spark wonder.  

We are a diverse community of people with a shared love of learning who support and encourage each other.  No matter your background, age, religion, gender, ethnicity or educational level, everyone is welcome in The Garden; we were all once the ‘why child’ and we love to learn because it makes us feel more alive.

We are a welcoming, tolerant, respectful community that fuels the fascination of our members and brings the joy back into learning.  We seek to cultivate curiosity in each other and our world, delve deeper into topics and ideas that spark our interest and engage with each other from a place of connection, community and care. 

Gardeners: this is your community and your responsibility to ensure that the values of the community are upheld.  

Community Values & Guidelines

Conversation not conflict: 

We encourage discussion and questioning but this community should be a refuge from the polarising world of social media.  Gardeners respect each other's ideas and opinions, listen, share and seek to understand.  We assume good intent and do not conflate differences of opinion or conversational style with rude or attacking comments, even if we don’t agree. Together, we are resurrecting the lost art of conversation and respectful disagreement.  

Encouraging & supportive: 

Whether it is a Fellow sharing their expertise and research or a member sharing ideas or resources, we are all Gardeners together and we enthusiastically support each other’s learning journey.  Everyone has a different starting point, different life experience and different views.  We celebrate this diversity because it makes us a richer and more vibrant community.  

Welcoming & Respectful: 

This is a community of tolerant, respectful people.  Everyone is welcome in The Garden and everyone should feel they belong. Don’t post content or make comments that are racist, homophobic, abusive, bigoted or rude. Don’t attack another member or Fellow - this includes questioning their credibility.  Bullying, trolling and harassment of Fellows or other members will not be tolerated. 

Violating our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines will result in individuals being warned, suspended or having their membership cancelled, depending on the severity of the offence. 

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One Garden is a community for the curious, a place where inquisitive minds can come together to learn from world experts, and each other, and join in conversations about topics that spark their curiosity.

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