About The Garden

Welcome to The Garden

The Garden is a community for the curious, a place where inquisitive minds can come together to learn from world experts, and each other, and join in conversations about topics that spark their curiosity.

We aim to give anyone, anywhere, access to the knowledge, ideas and people who have shaped — and continue to shape — our understanding of the world.

What you can expect

  • Be inspired by world experts - We bring the experts out of the institutions through high-quality video in enjoyable and thought-provoking Talks.

  • Discover what fascinates you - We create new Talks every week to allow you to experience new questions and topics you’ve never discovered before.

  • Join a global community  - We are building a community for the curious where anyone, anywhere is welcome to share the moment and excitement of a live Talk.

Who is The Garden for? 


We are a diverse community of the incurably curious. We seek to delve deeper into topics and ideas that spark our interest and engage with each other from a place of connection, community and care. We are a welcoming, tolerant, respectful community that fuels the fascination of our members and brings the joy back into learning.  

We were all once the ‘why child’ and we love to learn because it makes us feel more alive.  No matter your background, age, religion, gender, ethnicity or educational level, everyone is welcome in The Garden.

Why The Garden?

In a world of misinformation and alternative facts, we have never needed true experts more than now. There is so much content out there, it's hard to know what comes from a credible source and often the experience is poor quality. Finding what you want to learn about is time consuming, stressful, isolating and almost always achievement-orientated.

We bring the experts & academics out of the institutions and into your home, enabling you to learn from true experts who have dedicated their lives to studying a subject. With that depth of understanding and years of study comes fascinating stories and a grasp of the detail that enables the beauty of simplicity to be brought alive.  

The Garden is a place where people can come together to learn in a convivial community of inquisitive minds.  Learn, ask questions, engage in conversation and enjoy the journey of discovery together.

Becoming a Member

Join a free Taster Talk, live or on-demand, and experience learning, just for the thrill of it.  If you love it as much as we think you will, then you can you can become a Member of The Garden.  Find out more information here.

What does membership include?

  • Access to all online, live Talks and all on-demand Talks 

  • Have the opportunity to put your questions to our incredible Fellows and get your questions answered live

  • Golden Tickets to enable you to bring a friend to live Talks

  • Access to additional reading and booklists to take your learning further

  • Request future Talk topics & Collection ideas as part of our member-driven curation process

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The Garden Team

We are a team with a vision to bring the joy back into learning.

Our Leadership

The Garden was cofounded by Sophie Adelman & Simon Lambert in 2021 with an ambitious mission: to enable anyone, anywhere to learn from world experts & each other by building a global community for the curious.

Our CEO, Sophie, has dedicated her career to creating access to learning opportunities, having previously cofounded Multiverse.io. Our CTO, Simon, has led Technology & Product organisations at some of the UK's most well known marketplace & e-commerce companies.

The Garden was born out of their shared belief that we are all intrinsically curious and that learning from experts should be available to everyone.

Our Team

We are a growing team of exceptional individuals who are deeply curious and passionate about learning. Bringing wide-ranging experience from technology, media, events, education and consulting, we intend to create a world-leading company together.

Some of us loved school, some of us chose not to follow an academic path, but all of us believe that everyone should have access to world experts and have their curiosity celebrated. we believe we are all on a never ending journey of discovery together.

Our company values of Curiosity, Integrity, Belonging & Team Excellence determine who joins us and how we make decisions.

You can read our company values here.

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Email us at support@onegarden.com and a member of our team will get back to you.

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Be inspired by world experts

Join weekly Garden Talks to have your questions answered by the world's greatest professors. Live from their home to yours.

Discover what fascinates you

Be surprised & fascinated by curated collections of Garden Talks. Come with questions, leave with more.

Join a global community

We are building a community for the curious where anyone, anywhere is welcome to share the moment and excitement of a live Talk.