When does pain management become the pain of addiction?

Dr Kelly E. Dunn

More than 70% of deaths linked to drug use worldwide are related to opioids. How did these drugs designed to treat pain end up crippling communities?

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Opioids are an effective analgesic that have been prescribed for chronic pain management for decades. But what makes opioid medications effective for treating pain can also make them dangerous, leading to addiction and abuse.

With her expertise in human studies of behavioural pharmacological techniques, Dr Kelly Dunn joins us in The Garden to explore the journey from prescription to addiction and the challenges associated with managing the ongoing opioid crisis.

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Seeing Drugs Under a New Light

About the Fellow

Dr Kelly E. Dunn

Dr Kelly E. Dunn is an associate professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at John Hopkins University. She researches the mechanisms of opioids effects in order to develop scalable strategies for helping patients with addiction.

Seeing Drugs Under a New Light Collection

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