Why is a computer not a good analogy for the brain?

Prof. Angus Fletcher

Artificial intelligence systems are built to mimic human intelligence. Do they have any chance of replicating all the abilities of a brain?

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Artificial intelligence researchers almost universally acknowledge that computer AI and humans think differently. The human brain can do things that a computer can never do and processes information in a totally different way. So why is the brain so often compared to a computer?

Angus Fletcher joins us in The Garden to explain why our brains love to be creative and why an AI will never be able to write a novel (at least not a great one!).

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About the Fellow

Prof. Angus Fletcher

Prof. Angus Fletcher runs the world's leading think-tank into how stories work. As Professor of Story Science at Ohio State University, Angus specialises in using art & literature to unlock the neuroscience of human creativity and emotional resilience.

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