Is our future really written in our genes?

Prof. Giles Yeo

We all know that genes provide the blueprint for life. They're the code written into our DNA, but can they also predict our future? What can we learn from our genes? 

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Every cell in our body contains thousands of genes and we all know that they provide the blueprint for life.

They're the code written into our DNA, but can they also predict our future? Your DNA is the most personal data that you own but should it be used to decide your dinner?

Scientists have made huge breakthroughs in genetic research over the last few years, learning more and more about our genes and how they make our bodies work.  What can we learn from our genes?  Can they tell you the chances of being intolerant to certain foods or suffering the effects of alcohol? Can our genes predict our height or intelligence or your success in life?

These days a large amount of genetic data is available. New technologies mean that it is easier than ever before to learn about your genetic make-up. Personalised consumer genetic tests promise to unlock your future, but what can we really learn from them and are they even accurate?

Leading geneticist and Professor from Cambridge University Giles Yeo joins us in The Garden to examine how it's not just our environments that shape who we are.

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50 minutes


Getting Into Your Genes

Prof. Giles Yeo

Giles Yeo. A geneticist with over 20 years’ experience dedicated to researching the genetics of obesity. Giles received his PhD in molecular genetics from the University of Cambridge.

Getting Into Your Genes Collection

DNA is the code of life. And it’s the DNA in your genes that determines the traits that make you who and what you are.  Our genes are unique but with so many scientific advancements, what have we learnt about ourselves from our genes?

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