Inside the Unbalanced Mindep1
Do we understand the depths of depression?
Dr Harry CostelloDr Harry CostelloHD, subtitles, Q&ATranscript50m
Depression is no modern phenomenon, however it remains poorly understood. Why is it so challenging to understand depression and how is science trying to unravel its causes?

Ancient Babylonian tablets describe remedies & rituals for its treatment, Emperor Tiberius left Rome because of it, and Churchill was stalked by the “black dog”. But what is depression and how far have we come in understanding it over the last 4000 years?

Depression is not a modern phenomenon but it is becoming one of the greatest global health challenges we face. As a leading cause of disability worldwide, depression costs the global economy an estimated $1 trillion each year. However, depression remains poorly understood.

What exactly is depression? Depression and anxiety are extremely common in our society but the lack of clear definitions makes them hard to diagnose and treat. In fact there are over 256 profiles of symptoms of depression and this huge variation means that it’s very hard to put your finger on what actually depression is and who has it. Are some people and communities more susceptible to it and what role do our genes play? 

In this Garden Talk. Dr Harry Costello a leading Psychiatrist, and expert on the grey area between neurological and psychiatric illness delves into the 'invisible illness' - depression. Why is depression so challenging to understand and how is science trying to unravel its causes to identify better treatments?

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HD, subtitles, Q&ATranscript

Inside the Unbalanced Mind

What goes on inside a disordered mind? From the challenges of diagnosing depression to the history of insanity, in this series we delve into the mysteries of psychological disorders to understand how cutting-edge research is bringing hope to sufferers.

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Is there a part of the world where depression is most common? Or is it possible that places where people are most depressed haven’t been researched enough?
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it's not just that depression itself is not well understood. but also that the medical field also ignores certain demographics in the little research that it does. People of colour, and especially women of colour, are often ignored in research or are treated the same as white male patients despite evidence that POC show different symptoms and have different circumstances than their white counterparts as well. I've always found this frustrating. I've had depression since I was around 13 and nearly 20 years later people who look like me still aren't having their symptoms being studied and noted
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Really brilliant talk, very informative and objective, well done!Emilie
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