What is the future for our children?

Prof. Anthony Costello

Prof. Anthony Costello discusses his decades in public health. How has social, economic and health development affected the health of our planet?

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Join us in conversation with the brilliant Professor Anthony Costello, Professor of Global Health at UCL, former WHO Director and member of the UK's Independent SAGE Committee (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies), to discuss advances in global health over the last 40 years and what the future looks like for our children.

This will undoubtably be a fascinating and thought provoking conversation that will draw on his decades working in public health to explore how improving maternal and infant health outcomes has affected the planet. In particular, we will explore:

  • How did we bring about such a huge change in child survival and opportunity?

  • What's the link between saving children lives and population growth?

  • How has social, economic and health development affected the health of our planet?

  • What's the future for a child born in 2021?

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Prof. Anthony Costello

Anthony Costello is Professor of International Child Health and Director of the UCL Institute for Global Health. He trained as a pediatrician and has expertise in maternal and child health epidemiology and programmes in developing countries.

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