Prof. Nathaniel Knight

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If you need to know about the history of Russia and Eastern Europe, Nathaniel is your man. He's Professor of History at Seton Hall University in the US, but he also lived in the Soviet Union during the breakup of the USSR, giving him on-the-ground insight.

Prof. Nathaniel Knight

About Nathaniel Knight

Nathaniel Knight is Professor of History at Seton Hall University in the US, where he teaches Russian and East European history, Western Civilization and Historical Methods.

Nathaniel has also gained on-the-ground insight about the changing political landscape in Eastern Europe from his time spent living in the region in the early 1990s. He arrived in the Soviet Union in September 1991 and left Russia almost a year later, which gave him a unique opportunity to study first-hand the breakup of the Soviet Union and its aftermath, including how ordinary people coped with the upheavals and how the end of the Soviet Union has shaped the world we live in today.

His research since then has taken him into fascinating corners of scholarship like scientific societies, folklore collectors, Orientalism, and Russian conceptions of nationhood and race.

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