Prof. Andy Miah

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Andy Miah investigates the ethical, legal, social and cultural questions brought up by technological change. His publications draw on ideas from science, technology, art and media culture.

Prof. Andy Miah

About Andy Miah

Professor Andy Miah is Chair of Science Communication & Future Media at the University of Salford, where he directs The Science Communication Space. Andy's research and writing looks at the ways in which humanity is moving beyond conventional evolution through technology, including drones, artificial intelligence, esports, digital health and social media. His work has appeared in Fortune, Vogue, BBC, The Guardian, the Washington Post and over 300 other publications.

Andy puts his transdisciplinary approach down to being a child of a modular degree system, where he studied a range of sciences, social sciences and humanities subjects. He believes we cannot make sense of our world by looking at it from just one scholarly perspective, so he has worked hard to find patterns and learnings across disciplines. As a very dedicated father of an 11 year old, Andy also spends a lot of his time thinking about what younger generations are experiencing in these times of high technological change and how this shapes their perspective on the world.

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