Dr Maggie Lieu

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Dr Maggie Lieu is a a Research Fellow at Notthingham University interested in galaxy groups and clusters to help us better understand the cosmos.

Dr Maggie Lieu

About Maggie Lieu

Dr Maggie Lieu is a Research Fellow at Nottingham University interested in galaxy groups and clusters. She is currently developing machine learning algorithms for upcoming big data astronomy surveys. During her career, she worked on a broad range of research topics including black holes, asteroids and Mars.

Before taking her current role at the University of Nottingham, she held a research fellowship at the European Space Agency where she worked on her main research interest: clusters of galaxies and gravitational lensing. Maggie received an MSc in Astronomy, Space Science & Astrophysics from the University of Kent and a PhD in Astrophysics from the University of Birmingham.

Throughout her studies, Maggie threw herself into public engagement activities and took on the role of outreach officer for UKSEDS, the UK's national student space society. Over the course of her career, Maggie has given 100’s public talks, and appeared on global TV and radio stations to discuss various science topics. 

Maggie's interest in astronomy was ignited after seeing dark skies whilst camping as a child. Outside of research, she enjoys working out at the gym, photography and getting involved with some DIY projects. Nevertheless, the majority of her free time is invested into science outreach, in particular, her youtube channel that explores different astronomy and space topics each week.

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