Prof. Lisa Dickson

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Dr Lisa Dickson is a professor of in the Department of English at the University of Northern British Columbia where she specializes in Renaissance Literature and Pedagogy. She explores the concepts of critical hope and empathy.

Prof. Lisa Dickson

About Lisa Dickson

Dr Lisa Dickson specializes in Renaissance Literature (especially Shakespeare and tragic drama), Literary Theory, and teaching and learning in Higher Education. She is a 3M National Teaching Fellow and founding project lead for the 3M NTF Mentoring Network.

In her research, service and teaching, she explores the concepts of critical hope and empathy and seeks to build learning environments, both within her own classrooms and in Higher Education as a whole. Her current project is a book about Shakespeare and Critical Hope, a collaborative endeavour with her fellow 3M National Teaching Fellows, Dr Shannon Murray and Dr Jessica Riddell.

She and her collaborators also produce a podcast, Wyrd Words: Conversations about Literature and Learning in Higher Education and manage, a website that includes the podcast, the Wyrd Words blog and resources on Early Modern Literature, and Teaching and Learning.

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