Dr Keri Wong

Keri is a developmental psychologist and criminologist. She is Associate Professor and co-Director of the Centre for Education in Criminal Justice System.

About Keri Wong

Keri is a developmental psychologist and criminologist, winner of the 2022 University College London (UCL) Student Choice Award and Provost Education Award, and podcast host at the UCL Institute of Education.

She is the former Cambridge Betty Behrens Research Fellow where she also received her PhD in Psychology from the University of Cambridge. Keri received her BA (Hons.) in Psychology and MA in Criminology from the University of Pennsylvania. And it was as an undergraduate that she became interested in understanding the causes of antisocial behaviours and schizophrenia-spectrum disorders - a theme that runs through in her PhD, where she developed the first dimensional measure of childhood paranoia - Social Mistrust Scale -which is free to use in schools and clinics.

Currently, she is Associate Professor and co-Director of the Centre for Education in Criminal Justice System (ECJ), a knowledge exchange hub for both academics and practitioners in the criminal justice system.

She is the lead investigator of the UCL-Penn Global COVID Study (GlobalCovidStudy.com), an online survey on the impacts of COVID-19 on mental health and social trust, which has informed UK policy discussions. She was co-chair of the IOE Early Career Network (@IOE_EarlyCareer; 2019-21), host of the official IOE podcast Research for the Real World and Academia et al. (2021).

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