Dr. Karen Weynberg

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Karen Weynberg is a research fellow at the University of Queensland. She researches how to use syntethic biology to develop phage therapy, an alternative to the use of antiobiotics.

Dr. Karen Weynberg

About Karen Weynberg

Karen Weynberg completed her PhD in virology at the University of Warwick, where she discovered new viruses that infect marine phytoplankton. More recently, Weynberg was an ARC Super Science Fellow at the Australian Institute of Marine Science, studying coral-associated viruses on the Great Barrier Reef.

In 2017, Karen began a CSIRO Synthetic Biology Future Science fellowship, held jointly at CSIRO and the University of Queensland. This new research uses synthetic biology to develop phage therapy, which uses the control of antibiotic-resistant bacterial biofilms to create a viable alternative to the use of antibiotics. This is especially important as we are looking at a post-antibiotic era due to multi-drug resistance emerging in bacteria. Superphages could instead be used to beat superbugs.