Dr. Jessica Riddell

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Jessica believes there is a Shakespeare quote for every situation and that Shakespeare can be a guide to understanding modern life.

Dr. Jessica Riddell

About Jessica Riddell

There aren't many people in the world who are as passionate about what we can learn from Shakespeare as Jessica Riddell. She bubbles over with excitement and enthusiasm for the 'dead white guys' she spends her time talking and teaching about as an academic and educator. Jessica uses Shakespeare and other early modern writers as guides to understand the messy, challenging problems we see every day in the world, and believes deeply that we can learn a lot about how to engage with these challenges through exploring these great literary and theatrical works.

As well as being a Professor of Early Modern Literature at Bishop's University, Canada, Jessica Riddell is a runner, a parent and a passionate educator. In 2015, she was awarded the 3M National Teaching Fellowship -- the highest recognition in Canada for educational leadership -- as well as the Jarislowsky Chairship for Undergraduate Teaching Excellence.

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