Dr. Heather Alberro

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Heather studies the relationship between humans, animals and nature and what it would look like for them to live in balance. She's a specialist in global sustainable development and green utopianism at Nottingham Trent University in the UK.

Dr. Heather Alberro

About Heather Alberro

Heather has had a lifelong passion for the natural world and our Earth kin - the animals and organisms we share our planet with.

This love for nature has inspired her to study other people's attitudes to nature and to look how we might be able to live harmoniously with nature in the future - a discipline called "green utopianism". She explores the relationship between humans and other species and what it would look like for them to live in balance, drawing inspiration from a broad range of sources including literature and environmental activist movements.

Heather is currently a lecturer in global sustainable development at Nottingham Trent University.