Dr Farhana Mann

Dr Farhana Mann is a London based psychiatrist and a Wellcome Clinical Research Fellow at University College London, where she is researching loneliness in people with severe mental health problems.

Farhana Man headshot with brick background

About Farhana Mann

Dr Farhana Mann is a psychiatrist and clinical academic at University College London. Her research journey began in the laboratory, investigating neuroimmunology and the blood-brain barrier. As a psychiatrist she became increasingly aware of the enormous power of environmental and social contexts on an individual’s health, and moved from studying brain cells in a lab to gaining a deeper understanding of the effects a person’s relationships and wider social settings have on their mental health.

Farhana has previously been invited to join the UK Technical Advisory Group to the Government on tackling loneliness, and informed international guidance on loneliness in people with mental health problems. She is always keen to share her work with, and learn from, diverse audiences and has been awarded the Morris Markowe Prize for Public Engagement from the Royal College of Psychiatrists. She is also co-founder of a children’s mental health start-up that uses interactive stories and music to help children and families explore themes from sadness to social skills, confidence to kindness, grief to gratitude and lots more. 

Prior to working in medicine, Farhana was a children’s television and radio presenter in the Middle East. She loves writing stories and songs for kids, and is passionate about supporting children and families early in life. Farhana has three young children of her own.

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