Dr. Dorsa Amir

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Dorsa is an anthropologically-minded psychologist, whose research explores the impact of culture on the developing mind. She's currently a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, in the US.

Dr. Dorsa Amir

About Dorsa Amir

Dorsa has always been interested in the origins of ideas and behaviours. So much so that her friends describe her as "the person most likely to interrupt what you're saying to tell you the etymology of the word you just used".

Dorsa's boundless curiosity has led to her fascinating speciality, which sits at the intersection of psychology and anthropology. Her work focuses on how children develop and behave across diverse societies. Her primary fieldwork has been with the Shuar people of Amazonian Ecuador.

When she's not exploring the impact of culture on the developing mind, Dorsa can be found going down Wikipedia rabbit-holes into a huge range of questions, from how ancient cultures understood astronomy and prehistoric examples of children's art to whether the placebo effect is influenced by our history of shamanism.

I think you'll agree, Dorsa has found the perfect home in The Garden, as part of the community for the curious!

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