Dr. Anna Machin

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Anna started her career as a primatologist in zoos around Europe. Today, she's an evolutionary anthropologist, and is world-renowned for her pioneering work on human love and fatherhood.

Dr. Anna Machin

About Anna Machin

Dr Anna Machin started her career as a primatologist, working in zoos across the UK and Europe, but these days, you're far more likely to find her studying humans than chimpanzees.

Anna is an evolutionary anthropologist, who spends her time thinking about the science and anthropology of fatherhood, the human family in all its diversity, the human social network, romantic relationships and the influence of technological innovation on our behaviour and health.

Anna is fascinated by what makes humans behave the way they do, and uses a full range of disciplines and techniques – from genetic analysis, behavioural science and brain scanning to experimental psychology, sociology and hormonal analysis - to find answers to questions like:

  • How do dads bond with their babies?

  • What is a human family?

  • What motivates us to form long-lasting relationships?

  • Why do we need to be social?

  • How do developments in social media and AI influence our behaviour?

As you know, here at The Garden, those are just the kinds of questions we get obsessed about too, so we're delighted to welcome Anna into our Fellowship to help us dig into them.

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