Garden Fellows Directory

Garden Fellows are all true experts, academics who believe – like us – that knowledge should be available outside of institutions. They are all fascinating!

Prof. Antje Boetius

Prof. Antje Boetius is the Director of the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research in Germany, where she explores previously undiscovered habitats in the deep sea, in particular deep-sea ecosystems below the ice.

Prof. David Abulafia

David Abulafia is Emeritus Professor of Mediterranean History at Cambridge University, where he has spent his entire career, and Papathomas Professorial Fellow of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge.

Dr. Dorsa Amir

Dorsa is an anthropologically-minded psychologist, whose research explores the impact of culture on the developing mind. She's currently a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, in the US.

Dr. Edie Widder

Edie Widder is one of the world's leading experts in bioluminescence. Her pioneering oceanographic work has included being part of the first team to capture a giant squid on film.

Jonathon Porritt

Jonathon is a British environmentalist and writer, and the Chancellor of Keele University in the UK, with nearly 50 years of work under his belt in the field of sustainable development.

Paul Johnson

Paul is the Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, the UK's leading economic research institute. He's led policy reviews for the British government, and also sits on its Committee on Climate Change.

Dr Saskia Vermeylen

Dr Saskia Vermeylen is a socio-legal property scholar, with an eclectic range of research areas, from how Indigenous Peoples approach property, to ownership in works of African Futurism and science fiction.

Prof. Sidarta Ribeiro

Sidarta is a neuroscientist and the author of The Oracle of Night: The History and Science of Dreaming. He's the Founder of the Brain Institute at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte in Brazil.

Dr. Veronique Oldham

Veronique is an assistant professor at the University of Rhode Island's Graduate School of Oceanography. She examines metal cycling in the coastal ocean, deep sea methane seeps, and in Antarctica.