8 Garden Talks for understanding your mind

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside your head? These Talks will help you understand more about your brain and mind.

What does music do to your brain?,

Dr. Diana Omigie, a cognitive neuroscientist, shares cutting-edge research on how we perceive music and how music changes us.

What happens in your brain when you meditate?,

Neuroscientist Prof. Steven Laureys explores the effect that meditation has on the brain and how it produces its incredible results. 

Is the brain gendered?,

Feminist & Neuroscientist Prof. Gina Rippon shares her insights into whether the brains of men and women are different and how much those differences are due to our environment or our genes.

Can you unlock your brain's creative potential?,

Prof. Anna Abraham shares how your can build your creative muscle and why creative practices can unlock our ability to think and act creatively.

How does your brain understand pain?,

Dr Suzanne O'Sullivan is a neurologist who has spent years delving into psychosomatic disorders - where pain is caused by our brains in the absence of disease. She shares why this pain is real and what we understand about why it occurs.

Do you have free will when your unconscious mind is in charge?,

The question of whether we have free will is usually a debate left to philosophers & theologians. But what happens when a neuroscientist delves into consciousness and free will? Learn about what we know about the workings of our unconscious mind.

What happens in your brain when you sleep?,

Dr. Lauren N. Whitehurst, shares insights into the history and science of sleep and answer all your questions about what's happening in your brain when you are getting your forty winks.

Why do we have memories and where do they live in our brains?,

We remember stories more easily than dry facts. Why does our brain love stories and how are memories formed and stored? Dr. Mike Yassa explains how memories work and what we understand about memory creation and loss.

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