How does language evolve?

From Professor Simon Kirby’s Garden Talk “How did language begin?
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Language evolves over time and the process is driven by a variety of factors, including the needs and uses within a particular society, the influence of other languages, and the changing cultural, social, and technological context in which it is used.

One way in which language evolves is through the creation of new words and phrases to describe new concepts, objects, or ideas. This can occur through the process of neologism, in which new words are created by combining existing words or by borrowing words from other languages.

Language can also evolve through the process of language change, in which the sounds, grammar, and vocabulary of a language shift over time. This can occur as a result of changes in the way the language is used, such as the influence of other languages or dialects, or as a result of changes in the cultural and social context in which the language is spoken.

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