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We've worked with world experts from the disciplines of psychology to art history, to curate an online course where you'll learn about the history of creativity, and how you can become more creative through unlocking your creative potential. This course has 7 high-quality recorded talks, which you can watch in any order - let your curiosity guide you!

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 How can we unlock our brain's creative potential?

Prof. Anna Abraham

How can I be more creative? This is the question Professor Anna Abraham is most often asked and in this fireside conversation, she will be sharing the answer to this question, grounded in her research on creativity and the brain.

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Could psychedelics unlock our creativity?

Dr. David Luke

Psychedelics might have unique qualities that can foster our inner creativity. But exactly what hidden mechanisms can these drugs unlock in our brains? and could we replicate these effects without taking these drugs?

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Is there creative power in paradox?

Dr. Wendy Smith

Could those moments where uncertainty or contradictions exist foster creativity? Dr. Wendy Smith will share how dilemmas and paradoxes can create the conditions for creativity and innovation and how this exists in all our lives.

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