Garden Collections

Our Collections are hand-curated series, designed to take you on a journey that cross cut topics.

Rethinking Series

It’s always good to question what we think we know. The Rethinking Collection is a series of Garden Talks by world experts that reexamine the ideas and events that have shaped and continue to shape our world.
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Food for Thought

Why is food so important to us? Beyond its nutritional benefits, food connects people. This series explores how our relationship with food has evolved over time and the meanings that different cultures ascribe to food.
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Forensics: Evidence, Ethics & Evaluation

This collection looks at crime, from how to solve a criminal investigation with evidence to how we treat offenders with mental health problems, and gives us intriguing insights into the myths and reality of forensic science.
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Mysteries of the Mind

This collection reveals some of the mysteries of the mind from how the brain works to why our mind play tricks on us and brings to light the brain's superpower.
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Amazing Oceans

Covering almost three-quarters of the Earth, our amazing oceans are vast, beautiful, scary and relatively unexplored. This collection brings to the surface fascinating insights and stories across ocean science, conservation and culture.
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Seeing Drugs Under a New Light

Is there such a thing as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ drugs? From saving lives to creating addictive behaviours, this collection will reveal cutting edge discoveries and may change what you think you know about drugs.
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The Art of Storytelling

We love stories - they light up our imagination. This collection adventures in the world of storytelling through the lenses of scientists as well as literature experts, giving us insight into why humans love stories.
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Shakespeare's Relevance

Shakespeare isn't just a dead white guy. His plays and ideas are still relevant today. In this collection, your Fellows will bring Shakespeare to life and make you consider his relevance as a guide to the world we live in today.
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Hand curated series

A carefully curated collection of Talks that enables you to explore a topic from multiple perspectives

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