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Unequal Society

3 talksOur societies are becoming more economically unequal, but what can we do about it? Join the director and researchers of the IFS to discuss what needs to be done, and what's possible, to build a better future
3 talks in this Collection
How does our early education shape our future?

Christine Farquharson

What do you picture when you think of education? Schools, teachers, homework, probably tests and exams... But education actually starts much earlier in life. Why are the early years so important, and how can they impact how a child grows up?

Would a wealth tax work?

Dr. Arun Advani

Societies are becoming more economically unequal over the last 50 years. The wealthiest 10% of households now hold 43% of all the wealth in Great Britain. Should we tax wealth? And if so, how?

Is economic inequality a problem?

Paul Johnson

Many societies have become more economically unequal over the last 50 years; the world’s richest 1% now owns nearly 50% of the world’s wealth. What has driven this increase in inequality, and is it actually a problem?