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Ukraine War

5 talksThe 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine brought the world's attention to Eastern Europe. This collection brings together world experts to share their insights into why this conflict happened & the long term implications of the war.
5 talks in this Collection
Could Putin be held to account for war crimes in Ukraine?

Dr. Jennifer Cassidy

News has recently broken that Ukraine is preparing war crimes charges against Russian military personnel. How feasible or likely is it that participants in the war could end up in the docks in Ukraine or the International Criminal Court in The Hague?

Is social media today's central battlefield?

Dr. Jennifer Cassidy

International diplomacy in the age of social media is no longer conducted by letter or considered phone call but Live Tweeted in real time & in public. From Trump vs North Korea to the Ukraine War, how are foreign relations conducted in the Digital Age?

Why can't Putin accept Ukraine's independence?

Prof. Nathaniel Knight

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia took the world by surprise. But tension between these two nations has been bubbling for many years. Why is Ukraine so important to Putin? And how did we get from Ukrainian independence to invasion?

How can we avoid nuclear war?

Dr. Lyndon Burford

From the Cuban Missile Crisis to the Cold War, the spectre of nuclear war has loomed over the planet many times since WWII. How did we step back from the brink, and what does that tell us about how to handle Putin's threats?

What turns a leader into a dictator?

Prof. Fathali M. Moghaddam

The 20th and 21st centuries are said to be the age of dictatorship, and this month's invasion of Ukraine is the latest frontline. With our world's leaders in the spotlight, what traits do they share, and when and why do they cross society's boundaries?