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The World According to Colour

4 talks"In many respects, colour's greatest challenge is - like music - it resists most attempts to describe it. Colour might be one of those subjects that simply can't be written about." But that's not going to stop Dr. James Fox from trying!
4 talks in this Collection
What is colour?

Dr. James Fox

Colour is an experience: the colours we see and what they mean to us will differ for every human on the planet. What can art history, science, anthropology, literature and politics teach us about colour?

Why do some cultures have no word for blue?

Dr. James Fox

Until relatively recently in human history, there wasn't a word meaning "blue". Of the ancient cultures, only the Egyptians had a word for this colour. What was everyone else seeing?

Why do we think white means pure?

Dr. James Fox

The colour white has been associated with purity for millennia in religious iconography, architecture and art. But has it come to represent something darker too?

How has modern science transformed colour?

Dr. James Fox

The last 150 years has brought about the greatest revolution there's ever been in colour. How have we ended up living in a hyper-coloured world?