A Garden Series

The Bright Night Sky

4 talksFor centuries, we have been looking up to the sky to understand the mysteries that surround us. The sky might hold the answers to some of our deepest questions such as where we came from. But what do we know so far?

Black holes, stars, newly discovered planets, extraterrestrial signals, dark matter and many more concepts keep some of our brightest scientists awake at night.  From the origins of the universe to our latest theories, in this series, we venture into the fascinating world of the bright night sky. 

Join our Garden Fellows as we unravel some of the most interesting questions behind those surprisingly simple to see, and yet complex, shiny dots in the sky.

4 talks in this Garden Series
Is there life on Venus?

Prof. Sara Seager

Professor Sara Seager is a pioneer in vast world of exoplanets & the search for other life in the universe. In this Garden Talk, Sara will consider space science's biggest question: Are we alone in the universe?

What were the Universe's dark ages?

Dr Emma Chapman

400 million years after the Big Bang, the Universe was very different from what it appears today. At that time (around 13 billion years ago) the universe was dark and empty. But how can we know that? Is there a way to travel back in time?

Tue, 4 Oct 2022 6:30 pm UTC

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Does dark matter really matter?

Dr. Harry Cliff

We are all surrounded by an unseen, invisible world; a world made of mysterious substances that we can’t see or touch: the Dark Universe. But if we can’t see it, touch it, or detect it, why do we think it is there?

Tue, 11 Oct 2022 6:30 pm UTC

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Are we missing a planet in our solar system?

Dr Malena Rice

Our solar system has anomalies. Astronomers suggested the existence of a hidden giant planet as a plausible explanation. The problem is that we have never been able to see this planet. Is our math wrong or are we really missing something?

Tue, 18 Oct 2022 6:30 pm UTC

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