The Art of Storytelling

We love stories - they light up our imagination. This collection adventures in the world of storytelling through the lenses of scientists as well as literature experts, giving us insight into why humans love stories.

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What's the connection between stories and memory?

33 mins

Stories make it easier to understand complex topics and make sense of our lives. But why does the brain work this way? Read more

Dr. Michael A. Yassa

University of California, Irvine

Michael A. Yassa is a professor in the departments of Neurology, Neurobiology, Psychiatry, and Psychological Science at UCI. Additionally, he is the director of the world-renowned Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory. He uses cutting edge neuroscience tools to understand learning and memory in healthy and diseased brains.

Currently, Yassa is trying to uncover ways in which our memory abilities change from childhood to older adulthood. He is also working to develop ways to diagnose and treat memory disorders in patients with progressive diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, mood disorders like depression, and neurological disorders like epilepsy. More recently, he has become interested in understanding of the impact of lifestyle factors like sleep and exercise on memory and cognition.

His research team uses many tools including cross-species brain imaging as well electrical recordings from the brains of epilepsy patients before they undergo neurological surgery. As the associate dean of diversity, equity and inclusion in the School of Biological Sciences, his lab fosters an inclusive research and training environment where different cultural identities are embraced and valued.

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