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Inside the Unbalanced Mind

3 talksWhat goes on inside a disordered mind? From the challenges of diagnosing depression to the history of insanity, in this series we delve into the mysteries of psychological disorders to understand how cutting-edge research is bringing hope to sufferers.

Historically mental illness was associated with the supranatural - a battle between good and evil - and a sign of questionable morality. Modern science blew this idea out of the water but mysteries still surround why and how some people experience disordered minds.  

From the history of mental illness to the experience of psychosis, in this series we dive into the mysteries of the unbalanced mind to explore some of the most fundamental questions about psychological disorders and share cutting edge research that is changing how we understand, diagnose and treat these damaging conditions. 

3 talks in this Garden Series
Do we understand the depths of depression?

Dr Harry Costello

Depression is no modern phenomenon, however it remains poorly understood. Why is it so challenging to understand depression and how is science trying to unravel its causes?

What does psychosis feel like?

Prof. Femi Oyebode

In severe psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia the normal functioning of the mind is compromised. What does it feel like to experience delusions & hallucinations and how do they differ from ordinary beliefs & normal experiences?

Thu, 29 Sept 2022 6:30 pm UTC

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Can you always trust your mind?

Dr Keri Wong

We use our senses to understand the world. But for people with schizophrenia, psychosis means they can't trust their senses or their minds. Why is schizophrenia so misunderstood & stigmatised by society?