A Garden Series

Environmental Challenges

5 talksClimate change is the big environmental problem that humanity will face over the next decade, but it isn't the only one. What are these environmental challenges? And how should we cope with them?

For years scientists have warned us that environmental problems, which are the consequence of human activity, represent a danger both to our health and that of the planet.  From global warming to air and water pollution, waste management and protection of biodiversity, the world faces many human-induced challenges.

In this collection, leading experts share the science and history behind these issues and give insight into what we can do to cope with, or reverse, these existential threats to our home.

5 talks in this Garden Series
Can we build a climate-resilient world?

Jonathon Porritt

Climate change is resulting in ever-more intense weather events of all kinds, from heat waves and forest fires to hurricanes and floods. If extreme weather becomes the new normal, can we survive it? And if so, how?

What is the future for our children?

Prof. Anthony Costello

Prof. Anthony Costello discusses his decades in public health. How has social, economic and health development affected the health of our planet?

Where does the oxygen we breathe come from?

Dr. Veronique Oldham

The oceans absorb nearly 1/3 of our carbon emissions; they are literally the world's lungs. How does the sea 'breathe', and why does it do it?

Food Futures: Could new plants solve a food crisis?

Dr Jordan Dowell

Agriculture has been at the centre of civilisation for thousands of years. However, when we shop for our food, have you wondered about what developments have led to the food getting on our plates.

Why does the world need sharks?

Dr. David Shiffman

Sharks are often one of the more misunderstood creatures of the sea, for years demonised by movies. This talk explores why sharks are in fact an essential part of the ocean's ecosystem and how our own future is dependent on saving them.