The Garden Pledge: Giving the Gift of Learning

Sophie Adelman, Cofounder & CEO · Wed, 15 Dec 2021

For every person who watches a Garden Talk before the end of January 2022, The Garden will donate $1 to Delta Education Collective.

At The Garden we believe that everyone, everywhere should have access to incredible learning.

That’s why we are building a global community for the curious that brings together inquisitive minds with world experts. 

Our belief in the power of learning is why we are launching The Garden Pledge in partnership with a transformational non-profit in East Africa called Delta Education Collective. This pledge will enable thousands of children in Uganda to improve the quality of their education and  spread the gift of learning even more widely around the world.

When COVID hit in 2020, Uganda closed schools indefinitely. Up to 30% of children are expected to drop out of school altogether.

The Garden Pledge

For every member who watches a live or on-demand Garden Talk between now and the end of January 2022, we will donate $1 (up to a total of $50,000), to Delta Education Collective, an incredible Ugandan nonprofit that works alongside organised communities to empower them to improve learning outcomes.

How you can help:


Head over to and pick a talk that piques your curiosity. We have a collection of on demand talks, as well as upcoming live talks.


The more people who watch talks, the more we will donate. You can forward this email (or tweet, or facebook, or chat over your garden fence….) to help spread the word and support the gift of learning.

Follow the progress

We’ll be posting our donation updates on our social media accounts.

Follow us: @thegarden_talks on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

About Delta Education Collective

Delta Education Collective was set up in 2018 to revolutionize education, by working alongside organised communities in Uganda to empower them to improve learning outcomes.  They are united by a belief in the power of education to transform lives and the power of committed communities to solve their own challenges. 

Although access to primary education in Africa has improved significantly over the past two decades, the quality of education remains poor, squandering a huge amount of human potential and preventing millions of individuals from realising their dreams. Of the 97 million children who enter school in Sub-Saharan Africa, over one third (37 million) will reach adolescence unable to read, write, multiply, or divide. This is unacceptable if we work together. 

Delta Education Collective works with communities to empower them to create the change they wish to see themselves, which is a powerful and sustainable way to transform our world.

Why now? Preventing a lost generation 

When COVID hit in 2020, Uganda closed schools indefinitely and the country has lost more school days due to COVID school closures than any other country (84 weeks). Up to 30% of children are expected to drop out of school altogether.

One of the co-founders of DEC, Meredith Bates, is an inspiring social entrepreneur who has spent the last decade and a half in Uganda, and a school friend of our CEO. When Meredith reached out to share the work that DEC has been doing to transform lives in Uganda to revolutionise education, it was something we were excited to get behind and support with our actions & our wallets.

Together we can change the lives of millions of children by rallying behind the energising work of DEC. 

To learn more about the work of Delta Education Collective, you can watch this inspiring and heartwarming video:

Stay Curious!


Rethinking Series

It’s always good to question what we think we know. The Rethinking Collection is a series of Garden Talks by world experts that reexamine the ideas and events that have shaped and continue to shape our world.

Rethinking Serendipity: How is luck created?

Dr. Christian Busch

Research has proven that there's more to luck than simple chance. How can the right mindset turn uncertainty into serendipity?

On demand
Watch now
Which mathematical challenges will shape the 21st Century?

Prof. Yang-Hui He

The most transformative scientific breakthroughs depend on maths. Which problems are mathematicians working on that will drive scientific change in the coming decades?

On demand
Watch now
Why is a computer not a good analogy for the brain?

Prof. Angus Fletcher

Artificial intelligence systems are built to mimic human intelligence. Do they have any chance of replicating all the abilities of a brain?

On demand
Watch now
Did Jesus answer fan mail?

Dr. James Corke-Webster

The Abgar Legend tells the story of the King of Osroene, who (it's said) got into a correspondence with Jesus. Are these letters real?

On demand
Watch now
Why are our universities getting whiter?

Prof. Kalwant Bhopal

With more scrutiny on it than ever, inclusion in our universities should be the widest it's ever been. So why do so many key metrics tell a different story?

On demand
Watch now
How do the stories we tell shape who we are?

Prof. Ann Phoenix

Conversation is a continuous act of curating, connecting and analysing the events in our lives. How do we decide how we want to be seen?

On demand
Watch now
Intro to Catherine de Medici: Why do we love to hate a woman in power?

Dr. Leah Redmond Chang

History's leading ladies often come with a bad reputation. What can the Black Queen teach us about the misunderstood women of the past?

On demand
Watch now
How do cultures around the world think about property and ownership?

Dr Saskia Vermeylen

The Sharing Economy is challenging the West's traditional view of ownership, but other ways of thinking about property and possession have existed for millennia. What do they look like?

On demand
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