The Garden Content Guidelines

Sophie Adelman, Cofounder & CEO · Wed, 20 Jul 2022

We have put these content guidelines together to clarify the importance of fact-based, rather than opinion-based insights for Garden Members.

Content Guidelines

The Garden provides experts - our Garden Fellows - with a platform to share their knowledge, ideas and research with interested audiences around the world, to inform, to inspire and to cultivate curiosity. As an organisation we hold the value of integrity closely and we expect all Fellows who use our platform to do so also. Data and information shared by Fellows must be accurate at the time of publication. 

Credibility of Information

Credibility, accuracy and integrity are key pillars of information and ideas shared in The Garden.  Ideas and information shared by our Fellows should be true to the best of the Fellow’s understanding at the time, and should be based on peer reviewed research where possible. 

Where Fellows share an unproven hypothesis or an idea that is debated by experts within their field, they must reference this within their Talk and not present it as fact. Factual statements and claims must be able to be supported by information or recognised data sources, or contextualised with real-world examples. If a Fellow has a new theory or promising insight, they should be clear that the idea still needs validation.  Clarity should be maintained between what is known to be true and what has the potential to be true.

Simplifying complex ideas means sometimes context and nuance will be reduced - but they should not be lost altogether. It is often in the nuances of an idea that the most fascinating insights are gained.

Fellow Curation

Experts who are invited to be Garden Fellows go through a rigorous application and curation process. Our team checks that each expert is reputable and has work that has been publicly accepted as credible. 

Concerns & Inaccuracies

If you have concerns about the accuracy of information or concerns about the credibility of ideas shared by Garden Fellows, please email with the Fellow’s name and the link to the content you have concerns about. 

We will endeavour to amend, clarify, correct or remove inaccurate information if, following a thorough investigation by our team, a concern raised stands.

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