The Garden Blooms

Sophie Adelman, Cofounder & CEO · Tue, 1 Feb 2022

Revealing our new Garden

Today we’re excited to introduce a new look & feel for The Garden. 

We’re excited to launch our new brand, which we hope encapsulates the feeling of joy and fascination you get when you learn something new, or walk into a real life Garden.  Come on in and learn more about the inspiration behind our name, our mission & our new brand.  We hope you love it as much as we do.  

Why The Garden?

We founded The Garden on a belief that we are all incurably curious.  Learning lights up our minds, making us feel more confident and bringing a sparkle to our lives as we experience the world with new knowledge.

But learning today has lost it’s joy.  And in a world of misinformation and alternative facts, there has never been more of a need for a place to learn with true experts and to prioritise discussion over debate.

The Garden is where curious minds meet curious minds - to learn, to ask questions, to share insights and support each others’ learning journey.  Not to get somewhere in particular but to enjoy the journey of discovery.  To come in with questions and leave with more.

The Garden Grows

Over the past few months we have built a vibrant community of inquisitive minds across the world, who come together for live talks given by our amazing Fellowship.  We’re excited for this next step in our journey with a refreshed look and feel that encapsulates the mission, values & feeling of joy that we hope you get when you are in The Garden.

We’re still early in our own journey to create a community for the curious and we’re looking forward to seeing where it takes us.  We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas for how we can make it even more special. 

Please tell your friends about The Garden and let’s share the joy of curiosity with the world!

Stay Curious!


P.S. Follow us on our social channels to learn more about The Garden, how we created our new brand and which collections are launching soon.





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