Garden Series Hub: Art's Biggest Questions

Laura Howard · Tue, 10 May 2022

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Our hand curated Garden Series is designed to take you on a journey through Art with world renowned Art Historian, Dr James Fox as your tour guide. We've created this Series Hub as a space to compliment the live talks & give you easy access to all of our series content.

“Art is the activity by which a person, having experienced an emotion, intentionally transmits it to others” – Leo Tolstoy

Talk Summaries & On Demand Links

Quick recaps on each talk so you can refresh your memory or rewatch your favourite moments

1. What is art? - Taking us on a journey from prehistoric cave painting to the contemporary art scene, covering the history and philosophy of how we have tried to answer this fundamental question through time. We learned about the 'open concept', the functionalist approach, and the institutionalist approach - tools to help us answer this question for ourselves (or reflect on whether it is the right question at all)!


Missed James Fox last time he was in The Garden? Watch back his inaugural Garden Series, available for free in our Garden Library. This series contained some of our all time most popular Garden talks and was popular for both newbies to the topic of art as well as seasoned art lovers.

We suggest starting with 'What is colour?', the perfect prequel to Art's Biggest Questions.

Book Recommendations

Hand picked reading from Dr Fox & our in house garden experts. We'll be adding hand picked books lists to compliment each talk.

Written by our very own fellow and tour guide, "The World According to Colour" is a fascinating look at each of the primary colours and their role across cultures and society. The perfect meeting of art, history & design.

Why are some artists famous and others forgotten? Why are some artworks priceless and others worthless? And in an era where so much art is so hard to fathom, how do we know whether a work of art is any good?

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Articles & In The News

Our talks are designed spark curiosity in the world around you and we'll round up any related, timely or interesting free reads to compliment our talks.

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Explore the collection

Join our 4-part series as we explore the world of art with Cambridge Art Historian & Broadcaster, Dr James Fox.

What is art?

Dr. James Fox

Art is an essential part of what it means to be human. But what is art? When did we start creating it? And why do we still need it?

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What makes an artwork good?

Dr. James Fox

Why are some artists famous and others forgotten? Why are some artworks priceless and others worthless? And in an era where so much art is so hard to fathom, how do we know whether a work of art is any good?

On demand
Watch now
Can art change society?

Dr. James Fox

Many artists have tried to re-shape society, using art as a tool for propaganda and protest, to bring about social change, and to improve people’s lives. But can art really make a difference? And where would we be without it?

On demand
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How is technology changing art?

Dr. James Fox

Artists have always been early adopters of new technologies, but in recent years new technologies have appeared more quickly than ever before. Should we be excited about these dramatic changes, or worried?

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