Where are all the women in art?

Katy Hessel

When you think of the great artists, who comes to mind? In all likelihood it was a male artist like Picasso, Rembrant or Van Gogh. Why are so few of the most celebrated artists in history female? Where are all the women in art?

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Humans have been making art since time began. Whether to communicate, commemorate or celebrate, making art is something that humans often feel compelled to do, and enjoying art gives many of us pleasure.

Although most the of 'Great Artists' many of us can point to are male, women have played an important - if overlooked and undervalued - role in the creation of art as artists, muses and patrons. From Frida Kahlo and Georgia O'Keeffe, to Marina Abramović and Marlene Dumas, to the incredible weavers, potters and quilters across the world, women have always been making beautiful art and blazing their own trails, if you just look a little harder.

In this Garden Talk, Katy Hessel, a brilliant art historian and curator will be explaining why women were marginalised in the art world and the impact women have made to the development of the field. She will also share thoughts on the greatest (female) artists of all time and will shine a light on little-known, but exceptional, female talent. Have your eyes opened and your sense of history overturned as we consider the question: where are all the women in art?

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50 minutes

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Katy Hessel

Katy Hessel is a brilliant Art historian, curator, broadcaster and writer with a passion for shining a light on the role of women in art. Katy is one of the most vital and exciting voices in the art world, who is bringing new audiences to art.

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